How to dress for your own funeral, for Dazed
Can fashion help with grief? for 1 Granary
Secretly, I miss my dad, for Gurlstalk
Audition zine – horrify, for Fabian Kis-Juhasz
A guide on gendered language, for my BA graduation
Why it’s not unfeminist to love (feminine) fashion, for TITS

Deepfakes Expert Henry Ajder, for METAL 43 – Print
Motofumi ‘Poggy’ Kogi, for METAL Magazine 
Carista for METAL Magazine
Animistic Beliefs for METAL Magazine
Founder of Share Network Roëlla Lieveld, for TITS
Pop star Sophie, for METAL Magazine 
Fashion designer Fabian Kis-Juhasz, for Coeval Magazine
Yoni founder Mariah Mansvelt Beck, for TITS
Uniqlo’s Lifewear director Shu Hung, for METAL Magazine 

Lente Kabinet 2022, for METAL Magazine
Dekmantel 2022, for METAL Magazine
Fashion’s waste problem with BORO Atelier, for TITS
SONAR 2018, for METAL Magazine

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