Hi! I’m Marjolijn Oostermeijer. I write steamy copy for vibrators, intimate essays on fashion’s role in grief and every word in between. Through my editorial, content and copywriting, I question modern taboos with a fashionable wink, a healthy dose of self-reflection and a dash of naughty wit.

Backed by my history in fashion and branding and a geekish passion for words, I’ve penned down many an e-commerce description as TITS‘ former copywriter, alongside heaps of content for big players as a current copywriter for DEPT®.

As a freelancer, my editorial, content and copywriting ranges from niche (an exhibition text for art on Bi+ sexuality), to commercial (product descriptions for House of Sunny). Powered by certain nosiness, I’ve examined topics like the connection between fashion and grief for Dazed and 1 Granary, as well as abject femininity for Fabian Kis-Juhasz’s Audition Zine (which was later covered in Vogue). Similarly, I’ve interviewed several creatives, like the street-style celeb Motofumi ‘Poggy’ Kogi, the late pop star Sophie and DJ Carista – all for Metal Magazine.