I’m Marjolijn Oostermeijer: a writer of steamy copy for vibrators, personal essays on grief and every word in-between. Through my editorial and copywriting, I question taboos (like sexual appetite, period blood, or mourning) with optimism, self-reflection and a dash of naughty wit. Because let’s be honest: who can keep up with Simone de Beauvoir?

With a background in fashion and branding (and a BA from the AMFI), I balance strategy and creativity. Currently, I’m the voice behind TITS: writing copy and content pieces for the feminist fashion brand and (r)e-tailer. My words have also challenged the bias on Bi+ sexuality for artist GARY, explored grief for Gurlstalk, praised mayonnaise for Hutspot, interviewed Motofumi ‘Poggy’ Kogi for Metal Magazine and much more.